Harry Potter House Mascot Ornament
Harry Potter House Mascot Ornament
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Harry Potter House Mascot Ornament

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Show your House pride with these House themed Christmas ornaments! Each clear, shatter-proof, acrylic ornament is filled with coiled paper, matching each House colors, and topped with a House mascot charm and a random HP themed charm.

House charms:

Gryffindor: Lion- burgundy and gold paper

Slytherin: Snake- green and silver paper

Hufflepuff: Badger- yellow and black paper (shown)

Ravenclaw: Raven- blue and bronze/brown paper


Additional charms (depending on availability) may include:

Broom (shown)



Lightning bolt 


HP glasses


Row Boat

Deathly Hallows symbol


Buy individual ornaments for $6 each, or get a set of 4 (1 from each House) for just $20!

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