Thank you for stopping by. We have a great love of literature, Broadway (especially musicals!), TV, movies, antiques, journals, ephemera, jewelry, and all things crafty (and sparkly).  
One of our favorite things to do is rescue damaged and discarded library books to give them a new life.  
Here, you’ll find themed wreaths, jewelry, bookmarks, journals, and more.
If you’re looking for a specific book, theater, TV, or movie theme that we don’t have listed, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to try to make you a custom piece. 

  • Book Page Wreaths

  • Graduation Gifts

  • Bangle Bracelet. Coming Soon!


  • Clip Bookmarks. Coming Soon!

    Clip Bookmarks

  • Hook Bookmarks

  • Cards

Book Page Wreaths

Graduation Gifts


Clip Bookmarks

Hook Bookmarks


Wand pencils.

Let’s Go!

Hamilton Inspired Bracelet. Now Available!

Let’s Go!
Hamilton Inspired Necklace. Coming Soon!

Hamilton inspired necklace. Now Available!

Let’s Go!

Metal Bookmarks. Coming Soon!

Clip Bookmarks. Coming Soon!